We're Looking for a Few Good Therapists

Centennial Counseling Center is:

  • A growing dynamic multidisciplinary team of 33 seasoned and well-trained mental health professionals working together in three communities, St Charles, Yorkville, & Sandwich
  • A group of specialists in individual, marriage, family, and group therapy
  • A warm and caring place to work while helping others
  • A fun and skilled team of professionals who are fortunate enough to actually like each other.
  • And because of who we are and how we do our work, we are continually growing and often need additional clinical staff.

We have gathered together around five guiding principles:

  1. To provide the highest quality therapeutic care possible,
  2. To make a long-term commitment to the communities we work in,
  3. To accomplish these tasks in a faith-sensitive manner,
  4. To enjoy ourselves and each other while
  5. Collaborating and mentoring each other.

Centennial is distinct in several ways from other mental health organizations:

  • We see ourselves as a hybrid somewhere between a Not-for-Profit and a Private Practice. We have attempted to bring the best of both worlds to our way of doing things.
  • We use our supervision times to go beyond case consultation and administrative supervision. We strive to create communities of clinicians who can know each other thoroughly enough to be honest, vulnerable, and supportive with each other.
  • We organize ourselves in smaller units. We think of ourselves as a collective of 7 communities working together toward similar goals. Those 7 are our leadership team, our support staff, our Yorkville staff, our Sandwich staff, and then we have 3 groups of St Charles clinical staff.

If you are interested in reading more about the "Centennial Distinctives" download the PDF

There are 3 ways to join our clinical staff:

As a Practicum Student: If you are in Graduate School and looking for a Practicum site, then apply via our Practicum Program. To learn more click here.

As a post-grad Trainee: If you have completed a masters or doctoral program but are not yet licensed, then our Training for Licensure (TFL) Program may be a fit for you. To learn more about this program click here.

As a Licensed Clinician: If you have a mental health license and would like to join our staff, then apply via our Associate Staff Program. This is the path to our Senior Staff positions. To learn more about this program click here.

And if you are interested in downloading our "Philosophy of Working in Community" then click here.