Marko Tunjic, MA, LPC, CADC


Marko Tunjic earned his Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Wheaton College Graduate School.  In addition, Marko completed additional education and professional training in addictions counseling and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC).  Marko holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and a Master of Arts in Theology.

Marko’s comprehensive academic training is enhanced by his diverse clinical experiences in a variety of professional settings.  He participated in a residential program providing clinical interventions for adolescents and young adults who struggled with significant emotional distress and trauma.  Marko also worked in an outpatient community counseling center working with couples who encountered challenging events in their life and older adults who struggled with aging.  Prior to joining CCC, Marko worked in an inpatient program that assisted individuals and families who were experiencing significant difficulties with substance abuse.  Marko worked closely with individuals struggling with substance abuse and other emotional and behavioral difficulties like depression, anxiety, trauma, and relational conflict.

As a therapist, Marko enjoys the journey of connecting with clients as they take a close look at examining events or experiences in their life. Having developed a theological background through graduate training, Marko is open to clients’ who want to explore their faith and the impact of spirituality on the relationships in their life.  Marko also acquired specialized training in trauma and is able to utilize EMDR to address traumatic events and memories.  Finally, Marko enjoys working with all aspect of a family including adolescents, adults, and couples.


Marko Tunjic, M.A. works in the St. Charles office.