Brian Post, Psy.D.


Dr. Brian Post received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College, and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Prior to his graduate training, Brian completed his undergraduate degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 


Brian's research and clinical work focuses on how couples can not only survive but also thrive through periods of disillusionment, meaning the difficult times when spouses realize that their partner and marriage is not going to fulfill all their hopes and expectations.  Additionally, he enjoys pre-marital counseling and group workshops aimed at strengthening marriages. 


Brian also particularly enjoys working with adolescents and adults and strives to offer a safe place for people to be authentic and develop news ways of relating to others so that they can feel more whole as a person and connected to others. 


Finally, he enjoys offering psychological assessment as a way to both celebrate how people are and assist them in areas where they struggle.  Throughout his work, he welcomes conversations about spirituality and faith. 


Brian has worked in a variety of settings, including rural and suburban outpatient clinics and inpatient units at psychiatric hospitals.  At Wheaton College, Brian has also taught classes in marital therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and psychological assessment.  Brian has supervised masters and doctoral-level students in their clinical training.  Brian works at the St. Charles office. 


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