What to Expect When You Call

When you call one of our three locations, your call is directed to our Office Staff in that location or to our voicemail system. If you are directed to our voicemail system, please leave your name and telephone number. Our Office Staff will return your call as soon as possible. Once the Office Staff connects with you, they will ask you for several pieces of information to assist in getting you connected to the best therapist for your situation.

Our Office Staff will review the following information:

  • In general terms, why are you seeking counseling? (We want you to have a therapist who is an expert in your area of concern).

  • In choosing a therapist, do you have a gender preference? (You may know that you want a male or female therapist; but if this is not an issue, that gives you more options).

  • Are there limitations as to when you can schedule an appointment?

  • If you are planning on using your health insurance benefit, please have your insurance information available. (See Pros and Cons of Using An Insurance Benefit).

  • Are there any special needs related to language, culture and/or building accessibility? Spanish-speaking therapists are available and all of our offices are handicap accessible.

If you are using an insurance benefit, the Office Staff will collect the appropriate information over the phone, call your insurance company to find out which of our therapists is in your network. They will also find out about any deductibles or co-pays you may be responsible for and any restrictions the insurance company may have regarding using your benefit. Our Office Staff will call you back with this information. 

We do our best to insure that there are no surprises; but in spite of our best efforts, insurance companies occasionally do not handle things the way we expected or sometimes even the way they said they would. If that happens, you remain responsible for your bill, and we will work with you to schedule a payment plan.

After your first appointment is scheduled, feel free to download our Intake Forms.


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