How to become Senior Staff at CCC

When we hire new clinical staff, they begin as Associate Staff and once they have met certain criteria, they are promoted to Senior Staff and receive a raise. 

In addition to the increase in pay, Senior Staff become eligible for certain other benefits such as an optional Income Stabilization Program that evens out the monthly fluctuations. Some of our Senior Staff also take on supervision responsibilities for our Practicum Program. We attempt to find ways to encourage our Senior Staff to continue to grow and as Senior Staff express interest in an area, we look for ways to support that. So for example, some have developed a strong group practice. Others have pursued hypnosis, EFT, or EMDR.

To learn more about our Associate Staff program, click here.

Current Openings:

We continue to grow in response to the high demand for our services. At this time we are looking for LCSWs, LMFTs, LCPCs or Licensed Clinical Psychologists looking for full-time positions. Currently we are not looking at candidates who have the lower level license or no license at all.

Apply via the Associate Staff page via the link above.

Thanks for your interest.