Our Practicum Programs 

Each year CCC takes a number of masters and doctoral graduate students in psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, and/or professional counseling. The last few years we have taken:

  • 2 M.A. or M.S. students for therapy practicums
  • 2 Psy.D. students for therapy practicums
  • 1 or 2 Psy.D. students for psych testing practicums

We provide an orientation day and then weekly supervision from one of our experienced clinicians. Clients are assigned as appropriate based on the students interests, abilities, and availability.

The MA/MS interviews occur in early January with notification generally by the end of January.

The PsyD interviews for both types of practicums are in February with notification done in accord to ACEPT guidelines. Below is a table showing various time tables for these programs.











MA/MS Therapy Early January January June May
PsyD Therapy February ACEPT determines August July
PsyD Testing February ACEPT determines August July


Current Openings:

We will be taking applications for 2019/20 following the schedule above. Thanks.   

To make it easy to check in the future, just bookmark this page to your browser. Clicking on that link at any time will take you to this page or to the applications page. Check back anytime.

If you have read the above and still have questions, contact jennifer.mckay@centennialcounseling.com for the PsyD Practicum Program or anne.barsch@centennialcounseling.com for the MA/MS Practicum Program. Jen or Annie will help you sort things out. 

Thanks for your interest.


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