Our Post-Graduate Associate (PGA) Program

After completion of a graduate program, all therapists must complete certain clinical and supervision hours in order to be eligible for a terminal license—meaning the license you end at and not the one that kills you ;-)

This can take a minimum of a year or two depending on which license the clinician is pursuing and how quickly requirements are met. We hire PGAs for two purposes:

  • to help the associate to achieve licensure, and

  • to help us fill some of our staffing needs.

We expect that PGAs will work with us part-time at first and generally may need to supplement income with outside work as they build up their caseloads to a full-time pace. This usually takes longer than someone with a terminal license but we do our best to get you going. We promote PGAs to Associate Staff once they have obtained their lower-level licensure, the first step toward that terminal license. 

To download our Philosophy of Working in Community, click here. 

Current Openings:

We are looking for those with an LCSW, LMFT, LCPC, or Licensed Clinical Psychologist. At this time, we are not looking for those without a license or those with just the lower level license.

New positions may open at any time so feel free to check back. We will let you know of new PGA openings on this page. 

Thanks for your interest.