Self-Assessment Tools

Below are some instruments that have been created to give you some feedback about yourself. Each test gives you some feedback about whether you may fit some of the criteria for a particular disorder. While no instrument can replace a complete and thorough assessment and no diagnosis should be based solely on test results, we thought you might find the results useful in determining whether to go to the next step. For guidance about any specific diagnosis, treatment, or medication, please consult your physician, a mental health professional or call our office and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our therapists.


AD/HD Screening

"I just can't seem to focus. . ."

Are you or your child easily distracted? Is it hard to sit still, hard to keep track of details, hard to manage the expectations of work or school?

Download a copy and take the test.

Alcohol Screening

"Drinking helps me to relax. . ."

Has anyone every recommended to you that you cut down on your drinking?  Have you gone out at night having promised yourself that you would only have a few drinks, but ended up drunk anyway?

Download a copy and take the test.

Anxiety Screening

"Worries consume me everyday. . ."

Do you have a hard time sleeping? Have you experienced the tight chest, shortness of breath and sweating of a panic attack?   Does a feeling of nervousness prevent you from attending events or activities?

Download a copy and take the test.


Anxiety of Childhood Screening

"My child has so many fears. . ."

Does it seem to you that your child worries more than other children?  Are you concerned about what seem to be excessive fears. . .of leaving you, of social situations, of doing anything new?

Download a copy and take the test.

Depression Screening

"These days I feel hopeless. . ."

Does life seem terribly difficult right now?  Do you feel unhappy or empty?  Do tears come often and unexpectedly?

Download a copy and take the test.

Bipolar Depression Screening

"Lately I don't feel like myself. . ."

Do you experience episodes of excessive energy? Have you also experienced fatigue and depression?

Download a copy and take the test.

Eating Disorder Screening

"Guilt overwhelms me everyday. . ."

Do you spend excessive amounts of time thinking about your weight, what you have eaten or will eat? Has anyone ever suggested that they are concerned with your eating behavior?

Download a copy and take the test.


Questions about Counseling?

Will counseling do me any good? How long does counseling take? How confidential is counseling? Will insurance cover the costs of counseling? How to I find the right counselor?

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