Articles by Centennial's Counselors


Adolescent Substance Abuse — By Kimberly K. Boatner, MSW, LSW, CADC

Thriving In Marriage — By Brian Post, Psy.D.

Helping Children Deal With Anger — By Jon Hsieh, MSW, LCSW

The Emotional Benefits of Exercise — By Kristi Finn, M.A., LCPC

Riding The Waves Of Grief — By Dorothy O'Halloran, M.S., LCPC

Parenting in Blended Families — By Elizabeth Davy, M.S.W., LCSW

Learning to Re-Love — By David Norton, PhD., LMFT

Connecting Across Cultures — By Beverlee Ludema, Psy.D.

The Value of ‘Why’: Reacquainting Ourselves With Curiosity — By Daniel Bingham, Psy.D.

Hypnotherapy:  Top 10 Hypnotherapy Questions — By Trude Holli, M.S., Clinical Hypnotherapist

The Evolution of Anxiety and Recurrent Concepts in Coping — By Kristen Kauke, M.S.W., LCSW

Promoting Healthy Attachment — By Christie Mason, Ph.D., LCSW

Depression via Recession?— By Anne Barsch, M.A., LMFT

Talking About Teen Suicide — By Jennifer McKay, Psy.D., LPC

The Pain of Suicide — By Kelly Urbon, M.A., LCPC

Marital Myths…Things Our Therapists Believed Before They Got Married — By Kelly Urbon, M.A., LCPC

Parenting Through the Terrible Twos — By Amy Heiman, M.S., LCPC

Does Your Child Have Sensory Integrative Dysfunction? — By Jon Hsieh, MSW, LCSW

Fear of Anger in Relationships — By Kelly Urbon, M.A., LCPC

Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents — By Amy Heiman, M.S., LCPC

The Blues and Depression — By David J. Norton, Ph.D., LMFT, Director

Transitioning Your Child To College: High Hopes...And High Anxiety— By Mark Ramirez, M.A., LCPC

Why Diets Won't Work — By Kelly Urbon, M.A., LCPC

Addressing Money Conflicts In Marriage — By Jon Hsieh, M.S.W., LCSW

I Am Superwoman & I Can Do Anything — By Amy Heiman, M.S., LCPC

HIPAA—Your New Medical Record Privacy Rights — By Kelly Urbon, M.A., LCPC

Empty Arms, Broken Dreams.  You are not alone; there is hope. — By Amy Heiman, M.S., LCPC

Why People Self-Injure — By Pat Somers, M.A., LCPC

Children Benefit from Participation in Sports — By Tim Burht, Psy.D.

The First Year of Marriage— By Krysta Winters, Psy.D.

Forever Parenting: When Happily Ever After Doesn't Happen— By Amy Heiman, LCPC

Back to School — By Katie Leibman, M.A., LCPC

Will You Be My Valentine — By Cameron Young, MTS, MA, LAMFT

Winning Through Losing — Nick Brennfoerder, M.A., LPC

Can This Marriage Be Saved — By Anne Barsch, MA, LMFT

Psychological Testing Can Assist - By Tim Buhrt, Psy.D.